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St. Boniface


Location: Monroe County, Rochester SE
Address: 330 Gregory St. Map
Parish formed: Dec. 1859
Present church built: Mar. 6, 1960
Present affiliation: Parish, part of the Southeast Rochester Catholic Community cluster
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  • Fr. John P. Klein, June 26, 1861-July 1865
  • Fr. John Payer, July 1865-1875
  • Fr. Herman Renker, 1875-1894
  • Fr. Frederick Rauber, Apr. 30, 1894-1909
  • Msgr. John Francis Boppel, Aug. 1, 1909-Sep. 1, 1947 [upon death]
  • Fr. Walter J. Kohl, Sep. 12, 1947-1959?
  • Fr. Francis Taylor, 1959?-Dec. 28, 1978
  • Fr. Winfred M. Kellner, Dec. 28, 1978-Sep. 12, 1979 [Administrator], Sep. 12, 1979-July 25, 1983 [Pastor]
  • Fr. R. Richard Brickler, July 25, 1983-June 2011
  • Fr. Robert J. Kennedy, June 2000-Nov. 14, 2017 [upon retirement]
  • Fr. John F. Loncle, Nov. 14, 2017- (upcoming assignment)


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