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St. Christopher


Location: Monroe County, Chili
Address: 3350 Union St. Map
Parish formed: 1968
Present church built: Jan. 1971
Present affiliation: Parish
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  • Fr. Elmer J. McDonald, June 22, 1968-Apr. 1975
  • Fr. Raymond H. Booth, May 14, 1975-June 30, 1988
  • Msgr. George A. Cocuzzi, Aug. 1987-Dec. 1987 [Temporary administrator, sabbatical]
  • Donald F. Schwab, June 30, 1988-Nov. 1989
  • Fr. Elmer McDonald, Nov. 1989-June 26, 1990 [First Pastor returns]
  • Fr. Bernard F. Dollen, June 25, 1990-June 23, 1998 [upon retirement]
  • Robert O'Neill, June 23, 1998-June 26, 2001 [Administrator, upon resignation]
  • Fr. Norbert Kyumu, June 26, 2001-Sep. 2001 [Temporary administrator]
  • Fr. William Darling, Sep. 2001-May 2002, -2004?
  • Sr. Barbara Stinard, June 2002-2004 [Temporary administrator]]
  • Fr. Robert Guadio, Feb. 2, 2004-Feb. 24, 2019 [Upon leave]; -June 8, 2020 [upon resignation]
  • Fr. Edward Palumbos, Feb. 24, 2019-June 25, 2019 [Temporary administrator]
  • Fr. Michael G. Upson, June 25, 2019-June 30, 2020 [Temporary administrator]; June 30, 2020-present [Administrator]


On June 22, 1968, Ven. Bp. Fulton J. Sheen appointed Fr. Elmer McDonald to be the Pastor of a new parish that would be established in North Chili. Fifteen acres of land was purchased for use by this community located at the corner of Union St. and King Rd. Shortly after Fr. McDonald's appointment, the first Masses were offered in parishioner homes beginning July 1, 1968. A month later, on August 4th, the nascent parish began to hold regular Masses at the North Chili medical building. Parish trustees were elected a couple days later.

On Aug. 30, 1968, the parish was officially named after St. Christopher. Soon the community would hold fundraising events, parish picnics, and offer religious education classes which would be taught in the United Free Methodist Church school building.

Construction of the rectory was completed in June of 1969, and then a groundbreaking ceremony for the church was held Oct. 26, 1969, with Bp. Joseph Hogan and 600 parishioners in attendance. Construction began the following month. In January of 1971, the unique church building was completed and cornerstone laid. The first Mass was offered in the new St. Christopher's church on January 30th. At that time, the church building served as a multi-purpose facility. Masses, education, and parish life activities would all occur within the same space, hence the use of chairs in the nave instead of pews.

On June 20, 1971, St. Christopher Church was formally dedicated by Bp. Hogan. Throughout the 1970s, several men would be ordained at St. Christopher's, including Fr. Zimmerman in 1972, Fr. Weiss in 1973, and Fr. Spilly in 1976. The parish center was completed on May 15, 1976, so that some activities could now be offered outside of the church proper. St. Christopher's started a tithing program in 1978 and embarked on several other charitable endeavors.

Beginning 1983, the parish developed a long-range plan for the future. This plan included a renovation of the church to serve primarily as a worship space, rather than continue as a multi-purpose facility. Renovations were made beginning in July of 1985, and the project was completed on May 4, 1986 when Bp. Clark rededicated the church.

In August of 1996, the parish installed a grotto with a statue of St. Christopher in front of the church facing Union St. A year later, in March of 1997, stained glass windows were installed along the upper portion of the north wall of the church. St. Christopher is presently under the leadership of Fr. Robert Guadio, who has been serving as its Pastor since February 2004.

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