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Miscellaneous Sites of Catholic Interest

This page contains miscellaneous sites of Catholic interest that aren't featured with their own entry on Rochester Churches. Listed are chapels from the Jesuit missionary era, as well as other small chapels from recent history.

Bishop's Residence

Location: 947 East Ave. Rochester, NY

This building served as the episcopal residence prior to Ven. Fulton J. Sheen's tenure as Bishop of Rochester. Bp. Kearney continued to reside here following his retirement in 1967. The present day residence is at Sacred Heart Cathedral. The photographs below show the building as it is today, as well as a handful of photos of the bishop's private chapel located inside.

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Bloomfield Jesuit Mission

Location: N. Bloomfield Rd. in E. Bloomfield, NY (Ontario County)
GPS: 42.912760, -77.375463

The memorial is located on the north side of N. Bloomfield Rd., and commemorates a former Jesuit mission at the Gandougarae village. On Nov. 3, 1669, Fr. Jacques Fremin dedicated a small chapel at this site in honor of St. Michael.

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Brighton Jesuit Mission

Location: Blossom Rd. in Brighton, NY (Monroe County)
GPS: 43.149079, -77.537171

The memorial is located on the south side of Blossom Rd. on the Our Lady of Mercy school campus, and commemorates a former Jesuit mission. In June 1679, Fr. Louis Hennepin dedicated a small chapel near this site, though it's believed to have been located in Ellison Park. This was the first Christian church in the Rochester area.

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Cayuga Jesuit Mission

Location: Rt. 90 in Union Springs, NY (Cayuga County)
GPS: 42.809967, -76.700839

This mission cross is situated on the east side of Rt. 90 just north of Great Gully Brook, and commemorates a former Jesuit mission at the Goiogouen village. This is believed to have been the site of the first Christian church built in all of Western New York. The chapel of St. Joseph was dedicated here on Sep. 6, 1656 by Fathers Joseph Chaumonot and Rene Menard. A second chapel, possessing the same name, was completed Nov. 9th, 1668.

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Honeoye Falls Jesuit Mission

Location: Rush Lima Rd. in Honeoye Falls, NY (Monroe County)
GPS: 42.945707, -77.612115

The memorial is located in the fork at Rush Lima Rd (Rt. 15A) just west of Honeoye Falls, and commemorates former Jesuit missions at the Totiakton and Gandichiragou villages. On Nov. 1, 1668, Fr. Jacques Fremin dedicated a small chapel near the Totiakton site in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called "La Conception." The chapel itself was located near Plains Rd.

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Lima Jesuit Mission

Location: Intersection of 15A and 5&20 in Lima, NY (Livingston County)
GPS: 42.905047, -77.611533

The historical plaque is located northeast of the intesection of Rt. 15A and Rts 5&20 in downtown Lima, and commemorates the former Jesuit mission at Gandichiragou village. In 1669, Fr. Julien Garnier dedicated a small chapel near this site in honor of St. Jean. A memorial is located a few miles to the north near Honeoye Falls (see Honeoye Falls Jesuit Mission entry for photos).

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Victor Jesuit Mission

Location: Corner of Boughton Hill Rd. and Victor Holcomb Rd. in Victor, NY (Ontario County)
GPS: 42.960796, -77.412096

This mission cross is located on the west side of Victor Holcomb Rd, just south of Boughton Hill Rd, and commemorates a former Jesuit mission at the Gannagaro/Ganondagan village (It's directly across from the Ganondagan historical site). The chapel of St. Jacques was dedicated here in 1674 by Fr. Jean Pierron.

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St. Fidelis Friary

Location: 7790 County Rd 153 in Interlaken, NY (Seneca County)
Date formed:

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St. John Bosco chapel

Location: 1879 Davis St. -- at the Elmira Reformatory correctional facility (Chemung County)
Date formed: June 1938 [dedicated]

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